Foxter and Max


Утга санаа

An artistic, frustrated pre-teen discovers that the graffiti dog he painted with a found can of what he thought was spray-paint, has come to life in the form of an ultra-intelligent super-dog made of nanobots. But now both of them are being hunted by the most dangerous criminal in the city, who will stop at nothing to get this newest technology in his grasp.

Төрөл:Адал явдалт, Гэр бүлийн, Зөгнөлт
Найруулагч:Anatoly Mateshko
Anastasia Mateshko, Scott Parisien, Kateryna Tsiluyko

Amadey, Dmitriy Gavrilov, Bohdan Kozii

Үргэлжлэх хугацаа:90 минут
Насны ангилал:Бүх нас
Тэнгисийн нээлт:2022.07.29

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